Competencies Remain Relevant and Have Evolved!

BettSolutions and the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect® 2015 Winter Update
In this Issue:

  • Competencies Remain Relevant and Have Evolved: Despite what you may have heard or read, competencies still remain critically relevant and remain at the heart of an organizations talent management strategy and practices; they are fundamental in getting to the ‘how’ of employee performance. Proficiency also remains important as these account for between 43% and 64% of the total variation in job performance.
  • To Migrate or Not to Migrate?: Korn Ferry acknowledges, as do we, that clients have invested significantly in their chosen legacy solution. Korn Ferry does not intend to disrupt these and at this time has commitment to existing legacy Lominger (PDI Ninth House and Global Novation) license holders that they will continue to make available products (physical, digital, intellectual property, assessments and certifications). Korn Ferry will however not be making any new investments or updates in these legacy products.
  • KFLA and Your Existing Lominger Certification: Being ‘Grandfathered-in’ and what it means and not: Those of you who have been previously certified in Lominger International’s Leadership Architect® 101, VOICES® 360 and Interview Architect® are ‘grandfathered’ into the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect®.

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