Talent Management

BettSolutions, LLC works with organizations to provide a common language and consistent processes to manage and engage employees.  We work with you to establish the baseline leadership competencies/behaviors and then link those to Succession, Performance Management, Selection and Onboarding.  This provides the organization with a common foundation for achieving results which enable employees to perform in ways which are consistent with the needs of business markets, customers and stakeholders.

identify and develop your succession pipeline Understanding, differentiating and leveraging talent based on potential is the key to a successful talent management strategy.As the co-author of Korn Ferry’s (Lominger International) Succession Architect® Program; BettSolutions, LLC has successfully designed and implemented succession management programs across a diverse range of clients. These programs are designed to fit the culture and needs of your organization by working with you to customize and tailor the content, processes and protocols of your succession management program.

  • Succession Planning
    • Establish a talent management / succession planning framework
    • Identify and develop hi-potential employees
    • Measure leadership performance for organization and individual business objectives and career goals
    • Enable organizations to prepare for leadership openings by identifying and focusing the development of top talent
approach Managing and engaging talent consistently is fundamental to enabling your employees to fully understand what is expected of them now and in the future. Working with your executive, line leadership and HR/OD teams we utilize the organization’s business strategy to establish and implement consistent, culturally tuned approaches to identifying, developing and resourcing talent.

  • Performance Management
    • Design performance management systems by linking business strategies to organizational competencies
  • Onboarding
    • Establish an onboarding programs that aligns with the business and establishes a leadership mindset
  • Interviewing and Selection
    • Establish interviewing strategies to select candidates who will consistently exceed expectations
  • Workforce Planning
    • Understand what you have versus what you need to effectively build your workforce strategy
build high performing teams and enhance team effectiveness Team effectiveness is an imperative to both attaining goals as well as ensuring member engagement.We work with you and your team to help transform team effectiveness by building or developing a high performance culture of trust, accountability, values and vision. To ensure the success of the team we will help establish goals and objectives to ensure teams perform efficiently. In addition, we will work with the team to identify, assess and develop critical factors to better manage team performance.

  • Team Strategy and Alignment
    • Establish goals and objectives to ensure teams perform efficiently
    • Assist in the selection of team members