Talent Development

individual-300x208As organizations continue to grow and adapt to the dynamic business changes that are inherent in today’s economy, it is critical that they identify and develop their Human Capital. In order to begin the development process to meet these challenges, organizations and employees need to determine where their strengths and development needs are.

Working with your executive, line leadership and HR/OD teams, and select individuals we determine the competencies that are mission critical for effective performance both now and in the future. Once those have been determined, we will work with you to assess and coach individuals (and teams) to be more effective in their current role and to prepare them for their next role.

Through a variety of assessments, we work with your employees to measure their performance against organization and individual business objectives and career goals. We enable the individual to gain insight from their peers, customers, direct reports, etc., on their leadership capabilities.

Our experience has shown that many organizations still look at development as a “one size fits all” approach.  Numerous studies clearly confirm that development is fundamentally unique to the needs of each individual. BettSolutions, LLC will work with you to establish development recommendations based on the final criteria for assessing and validating talent. Each category will have development suggestions based on the Center for Creative Leadership’s 70/20/10 principle of development.

In the thousands of experiences reported by managers and executives, there are 6 key sources of growth that bring about change:

individual We facilitate discussions that enable the individual to fully understand their strengths and development needs, and create customized, actionable development plans. Plans that are aligned to allow the individual to practice and reflect upon their development.The focus for this service is on high potential employees, those who are derailing [failing], those who are new to the organization or the leadership team. This approach can be realistically used for anyone you think would benefit from gaining more insight into their performance.

  • 360 Assessment and Feedback, e.g. VOICES, CHOICES, ViaEdge etc.
  • Behavioral/Personality Assessments, e.g. MBTI, DiSC etc.
  • Individual Coaching and Development
leadership-development Do your leaders and managers have the necessary skills to manage and develop their talent in support of the organization’s business strategy and in alignment with their human capital needs?We will work with you to customize and implement programs which provide leaders and managers with the necessary skills to be more effective at managing their talent, i.e. performance management, coaching and development, interviewing skills, etc.

  • Strategic Leadership Development Initiatives
  • Management Skills Development
  • Building Coaching Capability
teams To ensure the success of the team we will help establish goals and objectives to ensure teams perform efficiently. In addition, we will work with the team to identify, assess and develop critical factors to better manage team performance.

  • Team Strategy Sessions
  • Team Alignment

We facilitate formal assessments (Team 360° approach) to gain feedback and insight from team members, the team leader, customers of the team, and other team observers. As a result we provide coaching for both the team and the individual to address gaps and ensure overall team/individual effectiveness.

  • Team Assessment
  • Team Coaching and Development