Competencies Remain Relevant and Have Evolved!

BettSolutions and the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect® 2015 Winter Update
In this Issue:

  • Competencies Remain Relevant and Have Evolved: Despite what you may have heard or read, competencies still remain critically relevant and remain at the heart of an organizations talent management strategy and practices; they are fundamental in getting to the ‘how’ of employee performance. Proficiency also remains important as these account for between 43% and 64% of the total variation in job performance.
  • To Migrate or Not to Migrate?: Korn Ferry acknowledges, as do we, that clients have invested significantly in their chosen legacy solution. Korn Ferry does not intend to disrupt these and at this time has commitment to existing legacy Lominger (PDI Ninth House and Global Novation) license holders that they will continue to make available products (physical, digital, intellectual property, assessments and certifications). Korn Ferry will however not be making any new investments or updates in these legacy products.
  • KFLA and Your Existing Lominger Certification: Being ‘Grandfathered-in’ and what it means and not: Those of you who have been previously certified in Lominger International’s Leadership Architect® 101, VOICES® 360 and Interview Architect® are ‘grandfathered’ into the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect®.

Click Here to Download the Q1 2015 Newsletter

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Learning Agility Does Make a Difference

Korn Ferry Study Finds Companies with Highly Agile Executives have 25 Percent Higher Profit Margins


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NEW FYI: For Your Improvement

Available now.

Attracting and building the right talent is imperative for long-term organizational success. Use the NEW FYI® for your improvement to help get you there.

The NEW FYI® for your improvement is an easy-to-use competencies development guide based on Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Global Competency Framework. Each chapter is dedicated to one of the 38 Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ competencies, as well as 10 career stallers and stoppers. In these chapters you’ll find:KFLA-FYI-cover-200

Definitions – of the competencies.
Context – gives you the lay of the land; the business case, how it operates, and why it’s important.
Quotes – to inspire and give food for thought.
Development tips – suggested readings, deep dive learning links and recommended search terms.
And much, much more.

Purchase your copy now.

Interested in all that the NEW Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ has to offer? Contact BettSolutions ( or 508.529.6184

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New Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Aligns Talent to Unique Business Needs

Korn Ferry has launched a new Global Competency Framework which is a combination of Lominger International, PDI Ninth House and Global Novations.  Read the Press Release…


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How to Get a Job at Google

In the New York Times, Thomas L. Friedman writes about “How to get a job at Google.”  Friedman reports that Laszlo Bock, the senior vice president of people operations at Google said something that Friedman found very interesting.  Google determined that “GPA’s are worthless as a criterion for hiring, and test scores are worthless…We found that they don’t predict anything.”

So what does Google look for.  “There are five hiring attributes we have across the company.”  The No. 1 thing  Google looks for is “learning ability.  It’s the ability to process on the fly.  It’s the ability to pull together disparate hits of information.  We assess that using structured behavioral interviews that we validate to make sure they’re predictive.”   Lominger would call that attribute Learning Agility.

Lominger offers two solutions that can help your organization find people with Learning Agility as part of the hiring process or among people already in your organization:

  • viaEDGE – this is an internet based self-assessment on Learning Agility
  • Learning From Experience – a set of structured behavioral interview questions

Contact us to learn more.


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Learning Agility Architect

One of Your Organization’s Most Critical Assets is High Potential Talent.
Find Them, Develop Them and Keep Them with Learning Agility Architect™.

Implement a proven process to build a successful executive leadership pipeline.

Learning Agility Architect is a complete solution that can correctly identify and develop your High Potentials and provide you with a plan for  leadership success by:

• Accurately identifying your high potential talent at every level and engaging them on the solid foundation of Learning Agility.
• Designing a blueprint to develop your learning agile leaders and elevating them to your most strategic roles.

Through Learning Agility Architect, generation after generation of leaders will be ready to keep your company at the top.

Learn more about the Learning Agility Architect at 


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Meeting In the Middle: Ways to remedy healthcare jobs gap

A great example of how leadership competencies are required regardless of job type, level or industry. Having had experience with Home Health Aids they are critical to caring for those in need, and it takes a lot more than the functional requirements that most organizations focus on and hire for. Decision Quality and Dealing with Ambiguity just touch on the leadership/behavioral competencies that differentiate the Home Health Aid.

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Competency Profile Manager

Build the Foundation for Successful Talent Management

Lominger International introduces the new Competency Profile Manager (CPM)

To achieve business results, organizations need the right talent in the right roles. Identifying the right talent starts with knowing the crucial skills, experiences and competencies necessary for success.

  •  Build the foundation for your entire talent strategy
  • Assess critical competencies/skills and then collaborate and interact with the data to reach your final conclusions
  • Integrate data with all other areas of the talent process (Selection, Succession, Development, etc.)CPM Logo

Visit the new CPM website

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Introducing Career Architect Express

The expectations for career development are changing – for both employees and Organizations. An all too common derailment point for talent is the transition to a new and challenging role. The trend is towards employees taking on bigger jobs at even earlier points in their career, meaning that the ambiguity and risks associated with role transitions are more significant than ever.Whether aspiring to the next career level or seeking just-in-time career development advice, Career Architect Express empowers individuals with a relevant, actionable, research-based development guide that will help them stand out.

Career Architect Express is a new series of downloadable content that focuses on professional development by aligning desired career outcomes with the key competencies that are correlated to future state success.

Click here to read a preview or purchase your copy

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FYI For Your Improvement™ surpasses one million copies in print

Korn/Ferry powered by LOMINGER talent management resource now being used by more than one third of Fortune 500

Los Angeles, CA – September 13, 2012:  Korn/Ferry International (NYSE:KFY)today announced reaching the milestone achievement of exceeding one million copies of FYI For Your Improvement ™booksin print.  The industry-leading talent management resource, currently produced in eight languages and now in its fifth edition, was first introduced in 1996.

FYI is an essential how-to guide for career development that focuses on identifying and improving the 67 Lominger “competencies” – developable skills related to a person’s success on the job.  The competencies include behavioral skills, technical skills, personal attributes (such as Intellectual Horsepower #30), and attitudes (like Patience – #41) which are distinct from one another and measurable through formal assessment.  Originally developed by Robert Eichinger and Michael Lombardo, the Lominger competencies are grounded in decades of research and power world-class leadership development and talent management programs around the globe.

“Korn/Ferry and Lominger are very pleased FYI has made such a strong, lasting impact on so many organizations,” said George Hallenbeck, Vice President of Intellectual Property at Korn/Ferry International.  “FYI works because it builds a common language that applies to any industry, any organization, and any motivated adult with a development need.”

International Paper is one of thousands of organizations that have made FYI the standard for their leadership development programs.

FYI For Your Improvement is a must-have for any organization building or maintaining a successful talent management program,” said Ed Garrison, Director of Leadership and Talent Programs at International Paper.  “We’ve been using FYI For Your Improvement to provide a common language for talent development since 1998.  It’s laid the foundation for clear and concise communication among our employees, allowing them to have deeper and more impactful feedback conversations. This has led to customized action plans, career growth, and more successful employees.”

Learn more about FYI For Your Improvementand related products and services by visiting the Korn/Ferry powered by LOMINGER website at, or by contacting us at 508.529.6184.





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